The 1st DIY tutorial for Frugal Fashionistas- Embellished tights

Hey, TFI Friday! Time for sharing my 1st Frugal Fashionista DIY with you.

Time  5 minutes
Price  £5 6€ $7 Basically it’s cheap!
Inspiration Lady Gaga, night-life + glamour 
Some may scoff at tights in summer but I’m writing from a Londoner’s perspective. The idea of naked pins at night-time will still strike fear into the heart of many a UK-bound woman, at least for the next month or so.
You will most probably prick yourself a fair few times but it’s all in the name of style baby.

Press play on the tunes.
Ok let’s do this!
* Put your tights on
* Cut your trim in half (you’ll need enough for the length of both legs- I used 1 metre).
* Sit down and place one foot on a slightly raised surface. Place one piece of trim where you    
   want it to begin. Place a pin there to hold it securely. Continue to place pins 
   along the length of your leg. Check if its straight in the mirror.
* Sew the trim to the tights from the ankle upwards. Easy does it!
* Repeat the steps for the other leg.
* Admire your handiwork. Feel chuffed with yourself.

You’re going to be sewing up the front of your leg but I think it looks better worn at the back.
If you do try this then post it on your blog or email me photos.

Tips & Tricks
This DIY works best with a trim that has ‘give’, an elastic backing that moves with your body. 
Trim and tights that are bodly contrasting or complementary colours work really well.
I hope you enjoyed this. Have a fantabulous weekend!

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